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The Sport Psych Show

Nov 2, 2020

I’m delighted to speak with Professor Laurence Alison in this episode. Laurence is Chair of Forensic and Investigative Psychology at Liverpool University. He is a leader in forensic psychology, and specialises in the most difficult interactions imaginable: criminal interrogations. He advises and trains the police, security agencies, the FBI and the CIA on how to deal with extremely dangerous suspects.

After 30 years’ work Laurence, along with fellow Forensic Psychologist and wife, Emily Alison, has written the brilliant book Rapport: The Four Ways to Read People.

And it’s the central premise of the book that we focus on in this episode, looking at what rapport is; how to develop it; how to have great conversations; the HEAR principles - Honesty; Empathy, Autonomy and Reflection; the role of power; self-awareness; and the 3 key components to building expertise in rapport.