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The Sport Psych Show

Mar 1, 2021

I’m delighted to welcome Ian Peek back on the show. This time, Ian is joined by Steven Orr. Steven is a golf coach with 20 years of experience. He is a PGA Master Professional - the highest educational level in The PGA and has an MSc in Sports Coaching. He is currently undertaking his professional doctorate at the University of Central Lancashire.

Ian has been coaching golf for almost 30 years. He is a transition & performance coach, helping his clients achieve their goals whether that’s transitioning to a new level of achievement or maintaining their position at the top of their sport or industry. Ian holds a Master’s degree in Sports Coaching and is a PhD researcher. He is also a PGA Master Professional.

Ian, Steven and I speak about the tools and techniques they utilise in their coaching practices. We discuss how these tools can help coaches have better conversations with players; understand players as people first; and utilise Motivational Interviewing to become better listeners.