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The Sport Psych Show

Sep 6, 2021

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr Ed Cope & Prof Chris Cushion.

Ed is a lecturer in Sport Coaching at Loughborough University. He completed his BSc in Sport Coaching from Leeds Beckett University, his MSc in Sports Coaching Science from the University of Worcester and his PhD at the University of Bedfordshire. Ed has also worked at the English Football Association, where he was responsible for the design and development of their education courses.

Chris is Professor of Coaching and Pedagogy at Loughborough University. Starting out as a football coach, Chris has worked at every level of the game – from community schemes, grassroots football and academy professional clubs at all age levels.

Ed and Chris have come back on the show to further discuss the topic of ‘direct instruction’ in coaching. Specifically, we speak about Barak Rosenshine’s principles of instruction, linking them to sports coaching.