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The Sport Psych Show

Nov 15, 2021

I’m delighted to speak with Professor Laurence Alison and Dr Neil Shortland in this episode.

Laurence is Chair of Forensic and Investigative Psychology at Liverpool University. He is a leader in forensic psychology, and specialises in the most difficult interactions imaginable: criminal interrogations. He advises and trains the police, security agencies, the FBI and the CIA on how to deal with extremely dangerous suspects.

Neil is the Director of the Centre for Terrorism and Security Studies (CTSS) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. CTSS leads and facilitates scientific research, education and training to help understand and respond to the evolution, convergence and complexity of domestic and foreign security challenges.

Having spent over 20 years helping soldiers, police officers, doctors and other professionals in high-stakes environments make tough decisions when lives are on the line, Laurence and Neil have written the brilliant new book “Decision Time: How to make the choices your life depends on”. In the book they show us how those same decision-making techniques apply to everyday life. With tips, studies, interviews and observations from their training with police officers together with role-play scenarios, this book will help you identify and fight off the common enemies of good decision-making - inertia, procrastination and indecision - and empower you to make the choices that matter the most.