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The Sport Psych Show

Feb 21, 2022

I speak with Dr John Stoszkowski and Dr Danny Massaro in this episode.

Danny is widely recognised as one of the best squash coaches in the United Kingdom. He coached his wife, world champion, Laura Massaro, for over 10 years, guiding her to world number 1.

Danny is a lecturer in Sports Coaching at the University of Central Lancashire. And just completed his PhD.

John was, up until very recently, a senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, leading a range of modules on the BSc Sports Coaching and Performance, BA Sports Coaching and Development, and MSc Sports Coaching programmes. In recognition of his contributions to teaching, John is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

He is research active with a particular interest in coach learning. John has just launched Think Space Academy, a new online cohort-based course.

We discuss the importance of critical thinking in sporting environments.