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The Sport Psych Show

Feb 6, 2023

I speak with Dr Dale Whelehan in this episode. Dale is a Behaviour Scientist and Chartered Physiotherapist graduate from Trinity College, Dublin. His research focuses on the relationship between sleep and performance. He has interests in performance science, sleep science, positive psychology, behaviour change, medical education, higher education, and public health. His research is in the area of Surgical Performance in Trinity College Dublin with particular focus on the interplay between sleep, performance and clinical decision making in surgeons.

Dale completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the Behaviour Sciences with particular focus on objectivity of performance, the influence of sleep deprivation and the opportunity for positive psychological approaches to optimise accessing states of thriving.

Dale and I review his research into fatigue and explore the impact it can have on the performance of coaches and competitors alike. We also discuss how to create balance to minimise the detrimental influences of fatigue.