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The Sport Psych Show

Apr 3, 2023

In this episode I’m joined by Dr Shane Pill. Shane is one of Australia's leading coach educators and developers, and thought leaders in physical education.

He is Associate Professor in Physical Education and Sport at Flinders University. Shane's research is in the fields of sport coaching and physical education curriculum and pedagogy, and education leadership. He has authored over 150 peer reviewed and scholarly articles.

Shane is an experienced consultant and education provider to the sport and education industry, contributing to wellbeing, physical activity, sport and physical education work groups, committees and reference groups. Shane has worked with the Department of Education, Australian Sports Commission/Sport Australia, Tennis Australia, Cricket Australia, South Australian Cricket Association, Australian Football League, South Australian Football League, West Australian Football Commission, South Australian Certificate of Education Board, Rugby Australia, Lacrosse Australia, ACT Physical Activity Foundation, and Australian Rugby League. 

Shane and I talk about his experiences as a coach and coach educator and we discuss games-based approaches to coaching and the ‘Spectrum of Teaching Styles’.