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The Sport Psych Show

Sep 18, 2023

I’m delighted to speak to licensed clinical and sport psychologist, Dr Mitch Greene in this week’s episode. Mitch is Adjunct Instructor in Temple University’s College of Public Health. He completed his PhD in clinical psychology and worked in family therapy before moving into sport psychology. He is now the sport psychology consultant to several athletic departments, endurance coaches and national race series. 

Mitch has written a fantastic book from his time both as a sport psychologist and an athlete himself entitled “Courage over Confidence: Managing Mind Chatter and Winning the Mental Game”. In the book, Mitch explodes one of the field’s most common and malicious myths - that confidence is a prerequisite for athletic success. Stating that the evidence shows that most athletes find it nearly impossible to sustain positive thinking when their minds are riddled with mind chatter - that unwelcome, doom and gloom self-conversation that crops up in high-stakes competitions. Chatter-filled athletes will excel in practice but struggle to perform on game day and they will fear the stakes of losing despite having trained to compete at their best.

The clear instructions in 
Courage over Confidence provide guidance for managing mind chatter and a method for “joining forces” with that negative voice rather than battling it. With courage over confidence, good players can learn to become great competitors.