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The Sport Psych Show

Feb 25, 2019

I speak with Jason Severiano Lampkin and Alex Billington, two ex-professional soccer players who were both forced to stop playing due to career-ending injuries in this episode. Jason played at the Manchester United Academy and then completed his apprenticeship at Aston Villa, while Alex attended the Blackburn Academy and then earned a professional contract at Preston. After being released by their respective teams, both Jason and Alex decided to make the move to the US after receiving scholarships, and this is when they met each other.

We speak about having the expectation from a young age of becoming a professional footballer; sport forming a player’s identity; having your identity taken away from you when you stop playing competitively; not having support to deal with a bad game; having a post-match routine; dealing with injury; the need for psychological support in sport; moving on from a career in football.