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The Sport Psych Show

Jun 13, 2019

I’m excited to have assistant coach for the Chicago Red Stars, Gary Curneen on this episode. Gary has held various coaching positions over the years and played collegiate soccer at Wingate University, helping lead the men’s soccer team to their first-ever NCAA Division II playoff berth.  

Gary is also founder of the Modern Soccer Coach which aims to create and help develop elite coaches through books, coaching clinics, mentorship programmes, podcasts and webinars. Inspired by players, coaches, and leaders who want to get out of their comfort zone and make an impact, their goal is to give back to the players and coaches who love soccer as much as they do.

We speak about the impact of playing college soccer in the US; overcoming insecurities as a player; learning that there’s more to coaching than x’s and o’s; learning from experience; having a mentor and coming up with innovative ideas to engage players.