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The Sport Psych Show

Jul 29, 2019

I have the pleasure of being joined by Martin Bingisser in this episode. Martin holds several positions including National Hammer Throw coach for Swiss Athletics, Throws coach for LC Zürich and Fitness coach for GC Zürich Rugby. He has also worked with USATF, UK Athletics, Scottish Athletics, European Athletics Coaches Association. As an athlete, Martin reached 21st place at the 2014 European Championships and is a 9-time Swiss national champion for hammer throw.

Martin is also founder of HMMR Media, a fantastic coaching resource covering a variety of sports and he has written a book called Training Talk: Conversations with a Dozen Master Coaches - a fantastic read in which Martin sits down with twelve top coaches from track and field, soccer, football, and rugby to share best practices and synthesise what the best do to be so successful. And it’s this book we mainly focus, discussing Martin’s experiences as a coach and an athlete.

We speak about having a work-life balance; the role of confidence in sport psychology; getting feedback from athletes; helping athletes reflect; flow state and the importance of self-improvement as a coach.