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The Sport Psych Show

May 31, 2021

I’m delighted to have Dr Josie Perry on this week’s episode. Josie is a chartered sport psychologist, working mainly 1-1 with athletes – from novice athletes just starting out through to world champions. She teaches athletes the skills they need to overcome barriers to success and ensures they feel more comfortable and confident when they compete. Josie is also an author, writing features for magazines including cycling weekly. She has written three sport psychology books including her latest, I Can: The Teenage Athlete's Guide to Mental Fitness which is designed to help young athletes become mentally skilled. The book covers what it takes to be successful, how to handle competition nerves, ways to push harder and get braver, techniques to build confidence, ways to improve emotional control, activities to increase concentration and focus, tactics for dealing with setbacks and injury, advice on how to feel comfortable in the sporting world and tips on how to look after your wellbeing as an athlete.