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The Sport Psych Show

Jun 28, 2021

I’m excited to be speaking with Christian Jarrett in this episode. A cognitive neuroscientist by training, Christian is Deputy Editor of Psyche, a global digital magazine that explores all aspects of the human condition.

Christian has written about psychology and neuroscience for publications across the world, including BBC Future, WIRED, New York magazine, New Scientist, GQ Italia and The Guardian. He was the founding editor and creator of the British Psychological Society's Research Digest, presenter of their PsychCrunch podcast, and an award-winning journalist on The Psychologist magazine. His books include The Rough Guide to Psychology and Great Myths of The Brain. 

Christian also has a new book out entitled Be Who You Want: Unlocking the Science of Personality Change which argues that contrary to the old adage, not only can leopards change their spots, they can swap them for stripes, and they can do so to their own advantage. In psychological terms, although our initial personality type is moulded by a combination of genetic influences and early experiences, it is not fixed. It's malleable, voluntary even. This book will tell the story of how our personalities are formed and gives us the tools to shape them in the ways which we desire and which will benefit us most. Drawing on the latest psychological theories and methods, interviews with leading experts, as well as personal anecdote, Christian Jarrett shows us that we can shape ourselves in ways that make our lives better.