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The Sport Psych Show

Jul 19, 2021

I’m delighted to welcome back Dr Noel Brick on this week’s episode. This time, Noel is joined by Scott Douglas.

Noel is a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Ulster University. He has a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology and a PhD in Attentional Focus and Psychological Strategies in Endurance Activity. Scott is a writer and editor in fitness and health and has written 15 books. And it’s his latest book, written alongside Noel, that we speak about in this episode.

The Genius of Athletes: What World-Class Competitors Know That Can Change Your Life combines cutting-edge science, illustrative stories from the world's top endurance athletes and practical instruction. Elite endurance athletes - including runners, cyclists, and swimmers - know that success hinges as much on how they use their minds as on how well they've trained their bodies. Long before race day, they've developed a rich arsenal of cognitive strategies that they incorporate into their long-term training regimens to unlock peak performance, from effective goal-setting and ingenious habit forming techniques to developing resilience and increasing self-belief. And now a growing body of evidence is showing that these strategies can help the rest of us achieve whatever we set our minds to in sport and life.

The Genius of Athletes arms us with proven tools for reaching high and meeting our goals - whether it's running a marathon or any other personal or professional challenge.