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The Sport Psych Show

Dec 20, 2021

I speak with Dr Amy Whitehead and Jenny Coe in this episode. Amy is a Reader in Sport Psychology and Coaching and teaches across the Sport Coaching, Physical Education and Sport Psychology programmes at Liverpool John Moores University. Amy is a BPS accredited sport and exercise psychologist and has worked for organisations such as St. Helen’s RFC, British Cycling, the FA, Professional league and non-league football and European Tour Golfers. 

Jenny is head of performance and well-being at West Ham United Women’s Team. Jenny has been involved with elite sport for most of her life, having played as a guard in basketball for Ireland and WIT Wildcats before joining UK Coaching in 2018, where she supported coaches across 13 high-performance Olympic sports on their respective journeys. 

Jenny and Amy have edited the newly released ‘Myths of Sport Coaching’ and it’s this fascinating book that we discuss.