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The Sport Psych Show

Nov 14, 2022

This week I’m delighted to speak to Martin Erikstad. Martin is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Agder in Norway. His areas of interest are coaching, transformational leadership, talent development and youth sport.

Martin played soccer to an elite level in Norway before moving into an academic career. Martin completed his Masters and PhD in talent development in football at the University of Adger. He also spent several months at Queens University in Canada studying under Jean Côté. After completing his PhD he worked as an Associate Professor at Nord University.  

Martin has also led and co-authored a paper along with Prof Bjørn Tore Johansen, Marius Johnsen, Prof Tommy Haugen and Jean Côté entitled “As Many as Possible for as Long as Possible: A Case Study of a Soccer Team that Fosters Multiple Outcomes”.

The study examines the Norwegian soccer club, Bryne FC and how it successfully fosters player participation and engagement in the game for the long term regardless of their athletic potential or motivation.  

You can find the study here