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The Sport Psych Show

Nov 21, 2022

I speak with Dr Julie Johnston and Joseph Stanford in this episode.

Julie is a Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology at Nottingham Trent University. Her research focuses on behavioural, social and environmental influences on children and adolescent psychosocial development, health and wellbeing. Both her PhD and current research has focused on developing an understanding of coach and parenting roles within sport and the impact of these roles on young athletes' psychosocial development, health and wellbeing.

Joseph is a PhD student at Nottingham Trent University, a Performance Swim Coach at University of Nottingham Sport and A squad coach at Nova Centurion - the elite performance programme for Nottinghamshire swimming and one of the UK's top swimming clubs. Joseph’s research focuses on what makes a successful athlete and how coaches and athletes work together to facilitate positive relationships.

Both Julie and joseph have a particular interest in swimming. Julie competed on the international swimming arena for Ireland and Northern Ireland for ten years, participating in three Commonwealth Games, three World Championships, three World University Games and a number of European Championships.

We discuss an upcoming paper that Julie led and was co-written by Joseph along with Dr Chris Saward, Dr Mustafa Sarkar, Prof Chris Harwood and Prof Daniel Gould entitled “How to help coaches meet the psychosocial skill needs of their Generation Z athletes: A season long investigation in swimming”.