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The Sport Psych Show

Jan 23, 2023

This week I’m delighted to speak to Lindsey Hamilton. Lindsey is Head of Mental Conditioning at IMG Academy where she leads, develops, and facilitates a team of 12 mental conditioning coaches that oversees the mental skills development of over 1,100 student-athletes across eight sports. She also leads the IMG Institute through developing and delivering high performance mindset training to executive level business professionals and corporate teams interested in optimising leadership and enhancing organisational excellence.

Along with a number of other authors, Lindsey presented a panel at the Association for Applied Psychology (AASP) annual conference in October 2022 discussing “The Failures That Guided Us: Sharing Vulnerabilities in Ascending to the Elite Level”. The panellists demonstrated vulnerability by sharing some of the failures they experienced as they worked their way to and within the elite level. Lindsey and I discuss how athletes and coaches can navigate and accept failure as a part of the sporting experience.