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The Sport Psych Show

Jul 5, 2019

I have the pleasure of being joined by Author and Performance Expert, Fergus Connolly in this episode. Fergus started out in the world of sport playing Gaelic football in Ireland and, after having developed an interest in speed, strength, and psychology, was offered a role at Bolton Wanderers. Over the next 15 years he went on to work with Bolton Wanderers, Welsh Rugby, San Francisco 49ers, Michigan Football, Blackburn FC, Liverpool FC and many more teams globally.

Fergus has also written two fantastic books 'Game Changer' and his latest book '59 Lessons: Working with the World's Greatest Coaches, Athletes, & Special Forces'. And it’s this new book that we focus on in this episode. Specifically, we speak about compassionate ruthlessness; interpersonal skills; self-awareness; empowering players, and focusing on what you can control.