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The Sport Psych Show

Dec 9, 2019

I’m excited to be speaking with Dr Jennifer Fraser in this episode. Jennifer is an award-winning educator, researcher and best-selling author. Her online courses and workshops provide dynamic lessons in the impact neuroscientific knowledge has on personal development and culture-change.

Jennifer set up Motion Press to help coaches, parents and those who work with children and youth learn about the practical applications of brain science via online courses, workshops and articles.

She has also just finished her fourth book, The Bullied Brain: What Neuroscientists Know about Brain Scars and How to Heal Them. And it’s this book we mainly speak about, specifically, the impact of ‘aggressive coaching’ on athletes; the importance of coaches knowing about the brain; the adolescent brain; deliberate practice; changing mindsets; what is bullying?; mastery; the role of empathy; peer connectivity and coaches helping players to ‘grow’ their talent.