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The Sport Psych Show

Oct 17, 2022

In this episode I’m delighted to speak with Marketa Simova and Richard Simpson.

Marketa is a PhD researcher at Sheffield Hallam University. Marketa’s research explores the mental health and well-being of high-performance coaches. Her role involves wide literature searches and interviewing with subsequent data analysis. Marketa also supports teaching activities at Sheffield Hallam University, teaching on various well-being and research methodology-related modules.

Richard is a PhD candidate, an associate lecturer and a research assistant in sport and exercise psychology within the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Becket University. Richard is also an associate lecturer at The Open university. Richard’s doctoral research is centred around advancing theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and applied knowledge of psychological well-being in sport organizations.

We discuss all things well-being and talk about several studies Richard and Marketa have undertaken including their joint paper “In Pursuit of the ‘Good Life’: Concerns, Considerations, and Choices in the Exploration of Psychological Well-Being in Sport” (as yet unpublished).