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The Sport Psych Show

Jul 26, 2021

In this episode I’m delighted to have Laurence Halsted back on the show. Laurence is a 2-time Olympian for the British Fencing team and director of mentoring for The True Athlete Project (TAP) as well as a consultant on TAPs various programs. TAP works across disciplines to design mindful training techniques that engage sport as a powerful tool for self-mastery and increased overall awareness. The practical, athlete-centred approach to changing the culture of sport aims to improve performance, nurture mental wellbeing, and cultivate a more compassionate world.​

In this episode, Laurence takes us though his brilliant new book Becoming a True Athlete: A Practical Philosophy for Flourishing Through Sport (due out 20th Aug 2021). The book draws on a combination of ancient wisdom and modern psychology, The True Athlete Philosophy explores how athletes can harness their lived experience of sport to contribute to a healthy, meaningful and fulfilled life and be of greater benefit to their community.