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The Sport Psych Show

Mar 11, 2019

In this episode I’m joined by professional basketball coach, consultant, and clinician Brian McCormick. Brian has coached professionally in Denmark, Ireland, and Sweden, taking a team to the finals in Denmark's 1st Division and being selected to coach in Sweden's Damligan All-Star Game. Brian completed his PhD in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Utah, and has had peer-reviewed papers published in the International Journal of Exercise Science, International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, and Strength & Conditioning Journal. He’s written several books including an enormously popular one called ‘The 21st Century Basketball Practice’. And it’s this book that we focus on mainly in this podcast. Specifically we talk about, flow vs deliberate practice; keeping the game fun and enjoyable at all levels; educative vs training environment; reducing mistakes vs improving skill; the importance of players practice handling mistakes in training and Brian’s greatest coaching influences.